Some changes coming to the resort in 2018.  As you know, Susie and I have been selling some of the cabins.  The owners of 2 of the lakefront cabins have put on log siding and the other 2 cabins will have log siding by the summer.  They look great and when all 4 of the lake fronts are done it will be awesome !

The biggest change for us is that we have sold cabins 2 thru 6 to a young couple.  They are going to do some major upgrades to those cabins.  They are going to re-shingle and put new siding and windows on the entire place. The plan is also to do some work on the insides of the cabins as well.  The best news is that they will continue to rent them out just as we have always done.  We can't wait to see what a difference the changes will make.  The cabins themselves will look great and the overall looks of the resort will be fantastic !

 Cabins 2 thu 6 will now be known as the "Idlewilde Cottages"

Shad and Janet are very excited about their purchase and are ready to start making the improvements asap.  As soon as they get started I will post pictures of what they are doing and give progress reports.

Susie and I will still be here and still own the lodge building and Cabin 1.  We will continue to make changes to cabin 1.  We are renting out the 2 motel rooms and the ground level unit number 15 in the lodge and considering opening another apartment especially for some short fishing trips and odd stays. 

There are a lot of things happening here at Idlewilde that will really make it an even better place to stay.  I hope you will visit us this summer to enjoy the new look and get in some fishing on one of the states' top lakes !

I will be making changes to the website as quickly as possible. When Shad and Janet get their pricing set, I will get that on the site asap.  2018 rentals will be cabins 1 through 7 as well as lodge units 15,16,17 for sure.  You can check the website every couple days to see what changes I've made.




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